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Up to 40% of babies suffer from colic. But what is colic? It is loosely defined as persistent crying for no apparent reason. When I was in medical school we were taught “crying 3 hours a day, more than 3 times per week, in babies less than 3 months of age”. Sounds so neat and tidy. The reality is, you’ll do anything to stop the crying and comfort your baby.

And what causes it? Well, there is still so much debate within the medical community: reflux, gas, immature intestines, serotonin imbalance, faulty feeding techniques, lactose intolerance, general irritability… the list goes on of possible causes.

Here’s what we do know about human gut physiology. Heat and pressure help sooth a distended, angry belly. The intestines have stretch receptors that register pain when bloated. Gripebelt counteracts that by applying a gentle pressure from the outside and adding warmth with a tiny hot water bottle. Plus, the super cute plush toy monster has fun crunchy ears, tags to pull, squeaky toys, and different textures that help distract.