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Hi, I’m Dr. Agnes Scoville, MD.  That’s fancy title, but really I’m just Aggie, a mom, a veteran, a doctor, and an entrepreneur. I’ve always had a special spot in my heart for little kids who are suffering.  Who doesn’t, right? But, I have an advantage in coming up with solutions. Thanks to a great medical education and years in the ER, I’ve learned that there are plenty of common sense ways to help little ones through illness.  That’s why I started this company.  Pacidose is my first product: a truly is a no-brainer solution for babies who spit out medicine.  Put it through a pacifier, duh.  But, the technology is actually pretty complex (thus the patent).

My second product uses basic physiology to help combat upset tummies.  We know heat and pressure sooth the gut.  So I put an adorable miniature hot water bottle inside a cute plush toy that wraps around the baby’s mid-section snuggly.  We also know that distraction helps with pain.  The plush toy (Gripe, personified!) has all sorts of tactile elements to help the baby forget how upset his or her tummy is.

And we have other cool products in development! So stay tuned, and reach out to me! I love hearing from you!

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